Sunday, March 22, 2009

Red Lobster

As I think I've mentioned in a previous post or two, I'm a vegetarian. My vegetarian habits slowly evolved beginning from when I was about 6 or 7. I just didn't like meat. Gradually, I stopped eating meat (poultry, red meat), then I cut out shellfish (primarily because of my conversion to Judaism and my desire to keep Kosher), finally a year to two ago, I stopped eating "flaky" fish (salmon, tuna, etc.) altogether. Recently, I've considered going vegan, but have resisted this urge since it would make others' lives too difficult.

I'm smart enough to understand that my vegetarianism probably is related to my ED, but, because it started when I was so young, I don't believe that it is predominately caused by my ED.

However, my need to examine menus well in advance of going out to eat is related. I need to go on-line to a restaurant and examine a menu. That way, when I get there, I'm prepared. I know what my choices will be (or usually, because of my vegetarianism, lack thereof). Armed with that information, I am able to plan out what I will eat that day (and often the day or two before).

My mother and I are going to visit my grandmother soon. Grandma has requested that we go to Red Lobster. Grandma doesn't drive much anymore, and the Red Lobster is a bit far for her. Of course my mother and I agreed (even though it's not our favorite place in the world). Like a dutiful EDer, I logged on to the Red Lobster webpage and looked at the menu. There wasn't a single vegetarian item on the menu. I was shocked (though I guess I shouldn't have been). I called up the resturant. I've found that a lot of "picture menu resturants" have a veggie burger or something similar that they offer, but that it's not on the menu. The manager quickly told me that no, in fact they offer no vegetarian items.

I'll probably end up eating a side of potato and asparagus and in the process make every one I'm with feel uncomfortable that they went to a resturant that doesn't offer anything for me and have them focusing on what I'm eating. I'm sure that'll make me feel really comfortable. Great job Red Lobster! I can't wait to visit your establishment.

Yours truly,
The AB